What Are The Benefits of Microsoft Power BI?

While surfing through the domain of business intelligence tools, you must have at least once heard of Microsoft Power BI. The idea behind this article is to make you accustomed to Power BI and how you can use the same to grow your business more efficiently. 

What Exactly is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is a business intelligence tool that is created by Microsoft. It offers features like the ability to create custom dashboards along with reports for its end-users. With technological advancements, it is imperative to maximize customer growth for a computer. This is one of the reasons why the majority of the companies are shifting towards data visualization software like Power BI for desktop for their business. Power BI is a robust software for all of your business needs. 

Benefits of Using Microsoft Power BI

Here is a list of some of the benefits that you can reap using Power BI for desktop

  • The Power BI tool is one of the most efficient self-service business intelligence softwareIt provides one of the fastest ways in which you can get your answer from the data. This makes the best use of natural languages, making the Q&A functionality really stand apart from them. 
  • Another great benefit of using Power BI is the ability to customize the dashboard. It also helps to combine on-site as well as could-based data with the same row. This allows users to work around enterprise data while creating the most proficient business app. 
  • Empowered by Bing maps, a business intelligence tool like Power BI enables the users an interactive report along with geo-mapping visualizations. Such delivery is proficient on its own. 
  • Users can make use of the SQL server analysis to create on-premise services. This, in turn, helps them to create robust data models along with consistent report and analytics. 
  • Business intelligence tools like Power BI enables users to connect with any data source. It can be either cloud-based or on-premise. That being said, some of the sources include excel spreadsheets, mails. SharePoint, Google Analytics and even GitHub.
  • There are three separate cloud data centers for Power BI. This, in turn, offers tight security, along with privacy and transparency. For added compliance, all these are global versions of Power BI. 
  • Power BI, unlike any other business intelligence very little engineering resources. There are several instances where you won’t be needing any engineering at all. Just by using an API key, one can make use of Power BI. 
  • Last but not least, Power BI is simple to use. Just with a short learning curve, even the basic users can get started with the same. 

Wrapping Up Using BI tools like power bi can surely help your business towards creating a centralized enterprise data visualization. That being said, it also assists the user with better decision making. The user-friendly UI also creates an interactive experience for all of its customers. In the end, business intelligence software like Power BI can provide you with a simple yet comprehensive data visualization solution. So, for all of your business needs, power bi could be the solution you have always desired for. 

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