QlikView Vs Qlik Sense – Which Is Better BI Tool for 2020?

Qlik provides its users with a plethora of options when it comes to their products. Qlik Sense, including their Qlik sense extensions and QlikView, are the most popular ones. Both of them provide BI functionalities in their ways. The idea behind this article is to make you aware of which one to go for in 2020 according to your personal preference. 

An Overview of QlikView and Qlik Sense

In order to understand the differences between the different business intelligence tools, it is very important to have a brief overview of them. 

What Exactly is QlikView?

Qlikview is a data visualization and analysis business intelligence tool. It helps users to fetch data from various sources, integrate them for further analysis. There are various applications to QlikView. It can be used for data modeling and even create analytical reports. Thus, the final report can be delivered to the end-user via an access point. It is through these access points that the end-user can carry out their searches, access the data and create data models. 

Salient Features of QlikView

Here is a list of some of the salient features of QlikView that are worth considering: 

  • Qlikview Extension provides a dynamic BI ecosystem
  • Users can make use of custom as well as default connectors
  • Can be used to make guided applications and dashboards
  • Helps with data visualization
  • Provides users with advances analytics

What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is a self-service business intelligence tool that is used for data discovery and analysis. That being said, one of the biggest selling points of Qlik sense extensions and mashups is their ease of use. The UI is modern and interactive, which makes it very user-friendly. Qlik Sense mashupsin particular, is not very technical, which makes it very easy to adapt. 

Salient Features of Qlik sense: 

While working with Qlik sense extensions, down below is a list some of the features worth considering: 

  • Consists of smart search option including Google
  • Reliable and very fast connection with multiple data sources
  • Visualization with drag and drop functionality
  • Enables users to generate personalized reports in interactive dashboards
  • Self-service data discovery

Difference Between Qlik Sense and QlikView

Here is a list of some of the aspects worth considering in order to differentiate between Qlik Sense and QlikView: 

1) OLAP Functionality

Qlik Sense doesn’t support OLAP. While QlikView provides its users with the Online Analytics Processing Capabilities in order to perform analytical operations. 

2) ETL Capabilities

ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load. It is provided by both Qlik Sense and QlikView.

3) Self-Service Visualization

Qlikview Extension doesn’t offer the self-service visualization. On the other hand, you can get the same on Qlik Sense.

4) Data Storytelling

Data storytelling is a unique feature that is only available in Qlik Sense. As of now, QlikView doesn’t support it. 

5) Data Filtering

Data filtering is one of the crucial aspects of business intelligence toolsIn QlikView, the functionality is provided whereas it is not required in Qlik Sense. 

6) Modern Visualization

It is something that is only available on Qlik Sense mashups. With an intuitive UI, Qlik Sense manages to provide the same. On the other hand, QlikView is only able to provide basic visualization. 

7) Mobile Support

Qlik Sense and QlikView, both of them provide mobile supports. But the way they have implemented mobile compatibility differs. While Qlik sense offers mobile support via mobile apps, you can only get browser support in QlikView. 

Final Verdict

Qlikview can be perceived as one of the more traditional tools which share the technical aspect of business intelligenceOn the other hand, Qlik Sense completely changes that and can be regarded as the modern data exploration platform. While both of them are one of the best business intelligence tools, they serve distinctive purposes. 

So, instead of nominating one of them as a better BI tool than the other, both of them are beneficial in their own ways. It all comes down to personal preference. Certainly, as of 2020, Qlik Sense has gained a lot of popularity due to its ease of use and easy to understand UI. On the other hand, QlikView is more focused on application development. So, it would be better to let the user decide which is a better tool for themselves. 

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