About Data Plateau

Since 2016 we've connected data to business results for global brands. During this point, we've amassed a strong suite of BI-based products and advanced analytics services that give clients a competitive edge. We transform how the planet makes decisions. By creating BI-based scalable solutions, our clients compete at a better level. And see the leads to their top and bottom line. BI, deep learning and new data architectures are re-writing what's possible within the world of selling, sales and analytics. This constant evolution lights our passion and drives us to new innovations. The DataPlateau Decision Engineering Methodology may be a proven, disciplined approach that changes the way companies leverage their data. This powerful philosophy has become a part of the DNA here at DataPlateau.

To increase productivity and provide for the project cost reduction for our customers, we invest a part of our revenue in: Quality management and process optimization, Adoption of new technologies & Employee training and further education.

Predictable performance and quality

We follow a corporate quality management system. According to it, we set up risk management practices on corporate, account, and project levels, and host the Project Management Office, which oversees all corporate processes.

Reliable service delivery

We guarantee that no incident influences our ability to operate. For that, we set up a proven information security strategy and management system and established 24/7 in-house security monitoring. Our infrastructure is cloud-based, and we are ready for remote work.

Fast development

We established a set of management and technology practices that allows us to release new application versions every 2-3-weeks and implement minor updates up to several times a day.

Retaining application stability

We achieve that due to an iterative approach to development, resorting to Agile project management practices, and relying on cloud-native architectures and modern approaches to infrastructure management.

Our Capabilities & Technological Expertise

We have over 50 IT professionals on board, 50% of whom are senior-level, who are well-versed in the following technology domains:


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